Aerial Access Australia has been a major supplier of Elevated Work Platforms in Australia for over 24 Years. The Versalift brand is well recognised as a global leader in EWP's since 1965, specialising in insulated elevated work platforms known for their simplicity in operation and long-life design. In excess of 3000 insulated Versalift units are manufactured each year globally. Versalift offers an extensive line of models for a variety of industries.

Some Versalifts have been operating for 20 years and because of the standard "build and parts program" parts are not specific to a particular machine model, thus providing versatility throughout the available ranges. Versalifts consume fewer replacement parts over time lowering the life-cycle cost of your EWP.

Aerial Access Australia offers whole of life support for your Versalift ensuring fast parts and a network of nationwide approved repairers throughout Australia.

All Versalifts are built to comply with relevant AS1418:10 standards. Aerial Access has a long-term commitment to the Versalift brand in Australia and is the longest running EWP company here.

With the use of in-house CAD, Finite Element analysis and 3D Design, our staff can customise a solution for your needs. 


We don’t just manufacture EWP's


At Aerial Access we don’t just manufacture EWP's, we are also a distributor of light weight elevated work platforms and crawler lifts, cable handling, self loading cable trailers and pole carrying trailers.


Some of our latest products that are proving popular include our Trailer range of Reel Carrying, Self Loading trailers, Turret trailers and other larger trailers suited for cable & telecommunication companies. We have also introduced a new line of crawler style EWP's that are lightweight and can be used where wheeled vehicles cannot be used e.g. indoors, off road and areas that are difficult to access or tight places.


At Aerial Access we take the satisfaction of customers very seriously. We recognise the importance of the quality of our products to ensure that customers have the best and safest equipment to work with.


As our motto goes “Aerial Access, you've made the right choice”.